Online burn-out test

Suffering from burn-out? Read the following statements.

  • I feel that my colleagues and boss do not appreciate my work.
  • I am quickly annoyed.
  • I would like to be more successful.
  • I feel resistance when I leave for work.
  • I forget a lot and am finding it more difficult to remember things.
  • I feel like I’m stuck in my current job.
  • Sometimes I use food, alcohol, medication or drugs to make me feel better.
  • My relationship with colleagues is not good.
  • I am always playing catch-up.
  • I feel that what I do is never good enough.
  • There is a lot of tension at home.
  • I often have to deal with traffic jams and traffic stress.
  • Lately I feel pessimistic.
  • I’ve been sick a lot lately (headaches, stomach ache, colds, stiff muscles,…).
  • I find neither the time nor the motivation to take care of myself.
  • After a weekend or holiday, I do not feel charged up enough to return to work.
  • I feel less tolerant: everything quickly becomes too much.
  • Sitting still makes me uneasy. There is so much to do.
  • I have difficulty making decisions.
  • I do not feel confident about my work, but rather anxious or uncomfortable.
  • I often feel overwhelmed at meetings.
  • I think it’s bad to make mistakes.
  • I have been feeling angry or dejected lately for no real reason.
  • I often have problems sleeping in the evening.
  • I do not really know how best to relax in my spare time.

Recognise yourself in the majority of these statements? You may be at risk of a burn-out or are already dealing with one. Contact me for an exploratory meeting.

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When stress accumulates, over time this can lead to burn-out. A burn-out does not arise without stress, but on the other hand, stress can be managed to prevent it leading to burn-out.

More about stress and burn-out can be found on the coaching for individuals section.

How do we approach this?During the intake meeting we get to know one another, I listen to your questions and discuss the different options and approach. An intake interview lasts 50 minutes and costs 50 euros.

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