Executive coaching

What is executive coaching?
Executive coaching focuses on learning to manage and lead better, and delivers positive results for yourself and your team. Greater awareness leads to more conscious choices and taking greater responsibility based on pro-activity, self-guidance and self-management, which has a positive effect on your surroundings. Various problems are transformed into a challenge in a relatively short amount of time.

When do you need executive coaching?
You as manager are faced with many challenges. In today’s working environment, everything moves quickly, changes take place constantly, and great flexibility is required. Your team is also faced with such challenges, and communication and feedback is crucial.

How do we approach this?

The duration of the coaching depends on the need. I prepare an offer based on this need. Experience has taught me that a coaching programme usually reaches its goal within 3 to 6 months. During a first intake session, the coach, coachee and supervisor clearly define the coaching need.

A coaching session lasts 90 minutes.

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