Team vitality

What is team vitality?

Each team member is responsible for achieving the collective goal. And everyone’s personal energy and mental strength largely determine success. But does everyone know each other’s strengths? And each other’s weaknesses? Vitality team training offers insights and points of reference to get a better grip on each other’s behaviour, and to use this to work on a vital, high-performing team.

When to call upon a coach?

This workshop can be set up as a team building exercise or to assist new teams or newly composed teams. Such a team intervention can help the team work together with renewed vigour and vitality. In this workshop, we look for new insights into ourselves and each other, and we use these to increase the team’s mental strength.

How do we approach this?

I personally review with you what exactly the team coaching need is and on that basis make a substantive project proposal together with an offer.

Contact me without obligation to see how we can help one another.

Coaching is universal language of change and learning

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