Stress- and burn-out (bore-out)

What is burn-out?
When stress accumulates, over time this can lead to burn-out. A burn-out does not arise without stress, but on the other hand, stress can be managed to prevent it leading to burn-out.

Stress is therefore not a disorder in itself: burn-out is.

Burn-out is a mental disorder, a situation in which you are totally exhausted. It often affects people who are perfectionist or very passionate about what they do. They raise the bar for themselves and push themselves to the limit. It can then happen that over time your mind and body are pushed too far. When you experience a burn-out, even the smallest task feels like too much. This is often difficult to accept for people in the habit of wanting to do more than others.

What is a bore-out?
A bore-out is the opposite of a burn-out and is caused by boredom. A bore-out can come about due to boredom at work, which in turn can be due to too much routine work or work that is below your capabilities. Symptoms include fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, irritability and depression.

When to call upon a coach?
Faced with a burn-out or do you fear you might (again) suffer from a burn-out? Are you experiencing a lot of (negative) stress and having a hard time coping with it?

As a stress and burn-out coach, I help you recognise the symptoms of stress, burn-out and bore-out. I give you techniques to make you more agile and to better bring your energy balance into equilibrium.

Take the burn-out test!

How do we approach this?

During the intake meeting we get to know one another, I listen to your questions and discuss the different options and approach. An intake interview lasts 50 minutes and costs 50 euros.

1-hour sessions. Follow up consists of 1-hour sessions..

Here I use, among others, questionnaires developed by Luc Swinnen. One of the options can be to create a thinking analysis profile. This test is administered by dr. Luc Swinnen himself.

Luc Swinnen is a medical doctor with a degree in insurance medicine, and a statistician. For more than twenty years, he has been a business consultant and coach in the areas of stress, emotions and happiness.

More information about this can be given during the intake interview.

Interested? Contact me without obligation or take this (free) online burn-out test.

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