Determining your personality profile

What is determining your personality profile?
A personality profile gives you better insight into who you are, your talents, your strengths, what drives you, your way of communicating, your pitfalls, your inhibitions, fears and development possibilities.

To have a better understanding of yourself and to understand others better, in particular why people respond to each other in a certain way.

Which profiles are available?
Insights Discovery
The Insights Discovery profile is a personal profile that is all about you. It shows you what your qualities and development points are.

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This development tool consists of 9 types and examines your motives. Each type is in each of us, but one of them is your autopilot, both consciously and unconsciously.

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How do we approach this?

The first step is to complete an online questionnaire (max. 20 min.). Then we make an appointment for a further explanation and a comprehensive consultation (2 hours).

A personality profile determination costs 195 euros.

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