Communication & feedback

What do I understand by communication and feedback?
Clear communication within and outside the team can prevent many misunderstandings, i.e. frustrations and conflicts. Talking to each other instead of about each other. Everyone needs honest communication, appreciation and constructive criticism. But good feedback is scarce. Being able to recognise, appreciate and take advantage of each other’s differences is crucial to setting up a constructive dialogue.

Who can benefit?
Teams that want to establish a feedback culture or further strengthen it. Teams that want to learn to communicate and collaborate more effectively, or teams struggling with communication. A team workshop can help internal communication and thus also promote cooperation. In this workshop, the team gains new insights into the communication dynamics of the team, and makes clear arrangements about specific actions for improvement. When each team member understands themself and his or her relationship to others, this benefits the effectiveness of the entire team.

How do we approach this?

I personally review with you what exactly the team coaching need is and on that basis make a substantive project proposal together with an offer.

Contact me without obligation to see how we can help one another.

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