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Insights Discovery is a personal profile that is all about you. It shows you what your qualities and development points are.

Insights Discovery is a model based on colours that is as simple as it is easy to use: in combination with a personal profile, it gives people greater insight into themselves and others. It forms a strong basis for effective collaboration and optimal functioning.

Everyone has all four colours. The combination of colours results in your unique personality. The colours refer to behavioural preferences that determine how you respond, think and act. Call it: your most natural self, on “good” as well as “bad” days.

The preferred colours of Insights Discovery are measured using an easy-to-complete online questionnaire

In addition to text, the profile consists of a simple, easy-to-remember colour system. Because it is easy to remember, the likelihood of success in long-term applications and change processes is increased.

To obtain an Insights Discovery Profile, you complete a list of 25 multiple choice questions. This only takes 20 minutes.


Do you have any questions about Insights Discovery or do you want to make an appointment? Contact me without obligation to see how we can help one another.

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