Ilsa Goossens

“The coaching program was a perfect training to accelerate both my personal and team development. It created new insights and provided tools to increase the impact and effectiveness of my day-to-day team management. The combination of a self-assessment, evaluation of real life team management scenario’s and the professional experience of the coach, created the positive change atmosphere to grow into my new department role. Several leadership and management reflections were translated into the exercises that were implemented in our team interactions, resulting in tangible and positive drive. “

Gilian Deblauwe
Chief cluster European Maintenance and Operations Support (EMS) officer at ENGIE

“I worked with Ilsa during my last months of my burn-out phase and I must say we had three very good sessions! I can only say I wished I would have found her earlier. I liked her structured approach and setting of realistic goals! The last session we did in a park and was an amazing session as she managed to put a mirror in front of me in a very unusual way – it was the session that I will never forget.
If you are going through a burn-out, I definitely recommend you working with her, as she has a good insight into what burn-out actually means and what kind of baby steps are needed on the path of your recovery.”
Maja, coachee

1-in-Coaching — “Reflect to move”

Professionele coach en trainer voor organisaties, teams en individu.

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